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My Six Drinks of Christmas

Posted on: December 20th, 2012 by Teresa

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Cocktails are up there with dark chocolate – I love them. And it’s the perfect time right now to enjoy cocktails since December provides such excellent excuses as if we needed any. Let’s see, there’s Christmas Day, New Years’ Eve, and 5 pm. So to assist you in warding off winter malaise, I’m sharing My Six Drinks of Christmas.

The First Drink: The Carrot Cake Martini

Carrot Cake Martini with cinnamon stick garnish against dark background

Why start with a Carrot Cake cocktail? Sure, I know carrots are more of an autumn vegetable. But that’s exactly why my carrot flavoured cocktail comes first: we aren’t as far away from autumn today as we will be on the sixth day. Besides, it’s my newest cocktail recipe and I’m still more than a little smitten.

Full Disclosure

My inspiration for this Carrot Cake Martini came from Eat Drink Be Skinny’s recipe. Of course, I can’t help but enjoy a food blog authored by another travel and cocktail loving Teresa. However, I don’t think we share the same opinion about soft drinks.

Naturally Sweet

That’s why in my recipe, I’ve exchanged pineapple juice for the ginger ale. Yes, fruit juice adds more calories to this martini; but at the same time, it subtracts a few mad scientist type chemicals. My recommendation is that you do a bit of dancing while you’re mixing.

Here’s my Carrot Cake Martini recipe. Meet me back here tomorrow for another drink.

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One Comment

  1. Teresa says:

    How cute are you? I love your pineapple sub and will definitely try it the next time around. One ounce is 17 calories. Apple juice might be fun too with slightly fewer calories per ounce, 11 I think. You can check out the calorie calculator at http://www.skinnytinis.com if you count cocktail calories. Happy Drinking — Cheers!

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